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Between class projects and internship tasks, I have had the privilege of gaining experience in a variety of areas. Check out some of my projects below!

Professional Writing

These writing samples show my ability to produce documents commonly used in marketing, public relations, or general business.

Creative Brief

I co-produced this creative brief for PathPoint, an organization that provides support for people with disabilities. The purpose of this document was to analyze the organization, identify the best target audience, and produce a strategy for how to best attract that audience through a video advertisement. Although this was for a class project, it was chosen along with three others to be sent to PathPoint for use in their actual marketing strategy.


This writing sample is a memo written on behalf of my fictional non-profit, Campus to Congress. The assignment was to write a memo making a request for something, and then to provide support to persuade the organization that I was writing to. This shows my competence in the field of daily business writing tasks.

Press Release

This press release was written for the Santa Barbara Response Network’s (SBRN) Cinco de Mayo fundraiser. I wrote this to send to local publications for coverage on the event. I followed the press release format I learned in the course, Writing for PR, and wrote in an inverted triangle format with the most important information at the top. This release succeeded in getting published on two online publications, Noozhawk and EdHat.

Professional Manual for Conducting Business in Foreign Countries

This writing sample comes from an almost 50-page manual about how to conduct business in lower-middle income countries. It was meant to be written by professionals, for professionals. I wrote the Philippines and How To Use This Manual sections, in addition to collaborating on content for the introduction and conclusion pages. All members were responsible for content editing and design collaboration.

This manual won First Place in the 2017 UCSB Excellence in Professional Communication Awards, a category that had around 20 submissions.

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In contrast to the previous section of samples, these articles show a bit more of my voice.

The Miramar Food Pantry: A New Resource in the Fight Against Food Insecurity

Written for the UCSB Sustainability Newsletter, this article discusses the problem of food insecurity on college campuses and highlights a new food pantry on campus. To write it, I had to research the topic, draft questions for two staff members involved in the subject, conduct the interviews, and strategically outline the content according to what my audience is likely to read.

Say No to Externalizing Recycling

This article was also written for the UCSB Sustainability Newsletter, and discusses the effects of China’s decision to stop accepting US recyclables. It shows my ability to take complex topics like externalization and contextualize it in a way that appeals to my target audience; in this case, students.

This article was also picked up by the UC Office of the President and published in the UC Sustainability newsletter.

3 Steps to Maximize Productivity in a Multi-Generational Workplace

I ghost wrote this article for the Regional Manager of Randstad Recruitment, the Hong Kong agency that I interned with. After combing through dozens of pages of data that their global employer branding survey supplied, I came up with a topic for the article. I have since used the skills I have learned in my writing courses to edit the original article. The difference between the original and the edited version is quite dramatic, and thus demonstrates my ability to translate the skills I have learned in the classroom to my actual career. The original can be found here.

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These projects show my ability to communicate not only with words, but also using visual design elements, photography, video footage, and audio.

Randstad Employer Value Proposition Marketing Video

During my internship in Hong Kong, I was lucky to work on a variety of rebranding initiatives. One was the Employer Branding Video, which I assisted on from start to finish. I conducted preliminary research on industry trends, helped identify the video's voice, co-wrote the script, helped in casting, and participated as one of the on-camera actors.

2016 Randstad Award Highlight Video

I included this project to show my basic knowledge of video editing. I curated this video for Randstad in collaboration with the videographers who filmed their Randstad Awards event. I reviewed all of the footage from the evening, identified chosen clips, chose the music, and matched music and visual cues.

Website on Animal Tourism

This is a website developed for a professional writing course using Wordpress. Emphasis was mostly placed on the relevance, organization, and conciseness of the content since we were limited to using a particular template. However, my picture choices and the way content interacts with the media was still a priority.

Organizational Brochure

This is a brochure I produced for Campus to Congress, the non-profit that I created for a writing course. I came up with the organization, wrote the slogan, created the logo, and designed/wrote the brochure. This brochure also illustrates that I can organize detailed content into a concise and easily skimmed document.


This sample comes from a 12 page newsletter that five girls and I composed to inform fellow UCSB students of the possibilities that lie within a career in Public Relations. In addition to writing some of the articles, I also did most of the graphic design for these pages. I think that they show my ability to balance text with relevant visuals.

Personal Brand Style Guide

This is my personal brand style guide to show a little more of who I am and provide an example of my experience developing a brand's voice. I designed these pages and my logo as part of my minor in Professional Writing with a Multimedia emphasis.

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